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WhatsApp provides a "revolutionary feature" that changes the scales.

WhatsApp provides a "revolutionary feature" that changes the scales.


"WhatsApp,"  which is owned by the "Meta" company, made it possible to use the application through "proxy servers,"  which are the intermediate gates between users and web servers that allow them to connect to the Internet.

And users of "WhatsApp" worldwide can go to the application settings to enter the name of the proxy server and use it to access the Internet. Proxy servers act as alternative gateways between the user and the Internet when traditional servers and communication routes are closed or cut off. Allowing WhatsApp users to connect to these proxy servers will help them connect if the internet is cut off. And "WhatsApp" added a post to its blog, which stated: "Our goal in 2023 is that there will be no interruptions to the Internet at all."

How is the service activated?

Users should first go to "Settings" or "Settings." Click on "Storage and Date," then "Proxy Settings," to toggle the option and enter the proxy server address.

Once confirmed, the application will provide the necessary connection between the user and the website or service they wish to access. The application has a special page to learn more about the service: faq.whatsapp.com.

According to WhatsApp, many proxy servers have been set up by volunteers and organizations around the world to allow people to communicate freely. 

Even with proxy servers, messages on WhatsApp will still be protected by the "end-to-end encryption" security standard, meaning messages are encrypted on your device and only decrypted on the device of the person you're communicating with.


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