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Shakira living a "new" love story?

 Is Shakira living a "new" love story?

Shakira living a "new" love story

Following her divorce from Spanish soccer star Gerard Pique, Colombian singer Shakira is reportedly involved in a new love affair, according to Western media reports.

Shakira's life has reportedly gotten "quieter" after the strife she went through in the months following her split with Pique, according to the newspaper "Nestro Diario."

Shakira, 45, "found love again, this time with her surfing coach," she claimed. "It's about the young Gorka Izcordia, only 24 years old," she continued. They were frequently seen together in photos, and "they were very close to each other."

The source did not wholly rule out the possibility that they simply had a "solid friendship."

The most recent pictures also show Shakira having fun in the water, as the Colombian singer appeared to be busy with her coach's surfing lessons.

Pique and Shakira recently reached an agreement regarding the custody of their two kids, who will relocate from Barcelona to Miami in the United States with their mother.

After a relationship that lasted more than 10 years, during which they resided most of the time in Barcelona, the duo announced their separation in early June. The love story between Shakira and Pique, 35, began in 2011 and resulted in the birth of two children, Milan (2013) and Sasha (2015).


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