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FIFA World Cup 2022: Two clubs have not missed a World Cup final in 40 years.

FIFA World Cup 2022: Two clubs have not missed a World Cup final in 40 years.

The Qatar World Cup 2022 final represents a unique incident in this major football event, represented by the absence of two European clubs from the World Cup final 40 years ago, namely the Italian club Inter Milan and the German club Bayern Munich, who registered their presence with active players in their ranks.

Although Italy did not qualify for the World Cup for two consecutive sessions in 2018 and 2022 and the German national team exited early from the World Cup for the second edition in a row, they will have ambassadors for their clubs, whether for Italy or Germany, in the final match of the 2022 World Cup, in continuation of the success achieved by the players of the two clubs in this major football event for four consecutive decades.

Lautaro Martins, the Argentine national team player, will represent his Italian club, Inter Milan, in the World Cup final next Sunday, while the French national team has three players who play for the German club Bayern Munich: Benjamin Pavard, Dayot Upicano, and Kingsley Coman, noting that Lucas Hernandez, the player of the Bavarian team, participated with the "Roosters" team in the opening match but bid farewell to the World Cup due to a cut in the cruciate ligament of his right knee against Australia.

World Cup beginnings:

The successes of Bayern Munich and Inter Milan began with the arrival of their ambassadors to the final match of the World Cup since the 1982 World Cup in Spain when the final round brought together Italy and Germany, where Bayern Munich represented three players: Breitner, Daimler, and Rummenigge, while Inter Milan represented five players. They are: Perdon, Bergomi, Marini, Oreali, and Altobelli.

In the 1986 World Cup in Argentina, which was attended by both sides (Argentina and Germany),  the Bavarian club in the final had Augenthaler, Eder, Hoeness, and Mateus, while the German club represented Inter Milan with Rummenigge.

In the 1990 World Cup in Italy, in which the struggle for the title between Germany and Argentina was renewed, Bayern Munich was represented by Uman, Reuter, Koehler, Ogenthaler, Pflugler, and Ton. Inter Milan has three players: Brehme, Matthews, and Klinsmann.

The two clubs continued to attend the 1994 World Cup final in America when Brazil and Italy faced each other in the final round, where Jorginho represented Bayern Munich and Berti represented Inter Milan.

Attendance was also renewed at the 1998 World Cup in France, which witnessed the arrival of the "Roosters" and "Samba" teams to the final match, as Lizarazu represented his team, Bayern Munich, and Djorkaeff and Ronaldo, their team, Inter Milan.

During the World Cup that was held for the first time in the Asian continent in 2002, Brazil and Germany reached the final match, such as Bayern Munich goalkeeper Oliver Kahn, Linke, Jeremys and Yanker, while Brazilian Ronaldo represented his team, Inter.

In the 2006 World Cup in Germany, which brought together the national teams of France and Italy, the Bavarian club maintained its presence in the final round thanks to its French player Willy Sagnol, and the Italian club Inter also maintained its presence thanks to its player Materazzi.

Even in the 2010 World Cup that was held in South Africa, in which the two sides were the Netherlands and Spain, Bayern Munich represented the player's Van Bommel and Robben, while Schneider represented his team, Inter.
As for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, in which Germany and Argentina reached their final match, the Bavarian club represented seven players: goalkeeper Neuer, Luam, Boateng, Schweinsteiger, Mueller, Kroos, and Goetze, while the Interclub represented three players: Campagnaro, Alvarez, and Palacio.

In terms of the 2018 World Cup, which was held in Russia, the final match featured France and Croatia, as well as Bayern Munich and Inter Milan, as well as Croatians Perisic and Brozovic.
Thus, the presence of the two clubs in the 2022 World Cup Final continues, and their success in possessing players who are able to constantly reach the final match of the World Cup is renewed.


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