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FIFA World Cup 2022 : A Supercomputer Predicts a Country That Could Win Qatar Edition 

FIFA 2022 World Cup: A Supercomputer Predicts a Country That Could Win Qatar Edition


A supercomputer forecast based on the global financial analytics forecast chart and the outcomes of the World Cup round of 16 in Qatar in 2022

The two teams that the algorithm properly predicted would win in the opening two rounds of 16 matches of the World Cup were the Netherlands and Argentina.

The computer predicted that in the games on Sunday, France would defeat Poland and England would defeat Senegal.

Computer predictions for the rest of the round of 16 matches indicated the following results: Brazil beat South Korea. Japan defeats Croatia. Switzerland beat Portugal. Spain beat Morocco.

The computer also predicted the following results in the quarterfinals: Argentina beat the Netherlands. Brazil beat Japan. France beat England. Spain beat Switzerland.

The algorithm projected that Brazil would defeat Argentina in the semi-finals and advance to the championship game, where it would face France, which had defeated Spain.

The "samba dancers" will defeat the French "roosters" to win the 2022 World Cup and bring back South America, which hasn't won since the World Cup in 2002.


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