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The only club that answers Cristiano Ronaldo's call in the winter

 The only club that answers Cristiano Ronaldo's call in the winter


Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo is seeking to move to a new club in the upcoming winter Mercato, according to press reports

The Don's contract with the Red Devils expires next summer, with the possibility of extending it for another season

And according to the British newspaper, “Telegraph”, Ronaldo is looking forward to a new experience, and knows that the Manchester United administration is ready to agree to his departure in the winter Mercato
So far, there is no club willing to include the Portuguese star except Chelsea, which meets the criteria that Ronaldo is looking for in his new club

And the “Telegraph” stated that Todd Boehle, president of Chelsea, is excited about the deal, and is ready to start negotiations to resolve it in January

Previous press reports said that Ronaldo is looking for a club that can pay his salary and participate in the Champions League

The "Madeira missile" is struggling to participate mainly with the Red Devils, this season, which led to disagreements with its Dutch coach, Eric Ten Hag


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