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Talents expected at the World Cup

 Talents expected at the World Cup

Every World Cup shows us many talents that later become some of the most important stars of the game, and there are many young men from whom we are expected to see the high-level technical performance, as we saw with their clubs in the last period.

The most prominent of these young men are:

  • 20-year-old Pedri... of FC Barcelona and the Spain national team
  • Bellingham... has the talent of Borussia Dortmund, and the English count on him to be the most important midfielder in the tournament.
  • Javi... the world's best young player in 2022 with FC Barcelona and the Spanish national team
  • .Vinicius Junior, the star of Real Madrid and the Brazilian national team
  • Jamal Musiala... plays in the attacking midfield position for Bayern Munich in the German League and the German national team.
  • Aurelien Tchoameni is a defensive midfielder with Real Madrid and the French national team.
  • Fede Valverde plays in the central position for Real Madrid in the Spanish League and the Uruguay national team.
  • Rafael Leao: Portugal-Milano Italian Train


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