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Real Madrid makes a crucial decision on Asensio's future

 Real Madrid makes a crucial decision on Asensio's future

The trajectory of Real Madrid striker Marco Asensio (26) has taken a drastic turn in the past two months, as the last summer transfer window expired and he was on the verge of leaving, after not receiving a renewal offer on the table before the final year of the decade, and then several clubs knocking on his door ( Man United, Milan, Juventus) while Real Madrid did not move to keep the player who finished third in the team's top scorer list for the previous year with 12 goals

Two months after the summer market closed, Asensio focused on making use of every second on the field, scoring three goals and making two goals in 336 minutes, scoring or assisting every 67 minutes, which is better for the player in terms of scoring for the whole team despite the start Good for the rest of the attackers

Rodrygo owns (7 goals and 5 assists) and scores or assists every 99 minutes, Vinicius (10 goals and 5 assists) every 105 minutes, Valverde (8 goals - 4 assists) every 119 minutes and Benzema (6 goals - 1 assist) Every 136 minutes

Real Madrid leaders who changed their thinking about the fate of Asensio, who was valued at 50 million euros, were surprised to leave in the summer Mercato however, there are now more votes within the club to offer a new contract for the 35 million, 26-year-old player. And on the verge of playing the World Cup, where it will be an important piece with Spain, a file that the white club must pay a large amount to contract with his replacement in January 2023

Real Madrid intends to sit down with Jorge Mendes, representative of Marco Asensio, during the break caused by the 2022 World Cup in order to start talking about extending the contract, knowing that the first contacts have not taken place yet, but the player knows that he has turned the tables and that the club is pleased with the performance he presented in these The initial period of the season

For his part, the player has clarified two positions for many years, and his priority has always been to continue winning titles at Real Madrid, but he wants to feel his importance and appreciation, and then the first part of the equation is still intact and the second depends on the club

Asensio's last contract revision occurred in the summer of 2017, after he won the Champions League for the first time with Madrid (his contract was extended and his salary improved), and since then, the Spaniard has won the Champions League twice, played in the World Cup and won a silver medal at the Olympics Last

And if the white club puts him on the salary scale that corresponds to him and Ancelotti gives him enough confidence, Marco will still stick to his dream to make history at Real Madrid


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