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On the night of the fall of Madrid... who is the biggest colt in the club

 On the night of the fall of Madrid... who is the biggest colt in the club

Everyone in this universe has an opinion and is respected... and everyone has freedom of expression and it is respected

.and all creatures on this planet have special behaviors in conclusion and are respected... But between this and that we must differentiate between opinion and expectation and between rule and logic... And what happened in the fall of Real Madrid in front of Rayo Vallecano is Actually and almost officially the beginning of the end  Yes, it is the beginning of the end because Real Madrid in the last 4 rounds achieved only one victory and in an unimportant meeting ... Do you realize the magnitude of the disaster  He lost a match in the champions, lost a match in the league and drew at home... These are the stats and numbers, unfortunately... This is not an emotional analysis, but rather a logic, and the days will prove the truth of what we say

Now, here is the sequence of events and what happened in Real Madrid this season, as follows

 Real Madrid competes with a team that is hungry for championships and has a top scorer and scores with equal chances

The opposing team scores in the last minutes and earns the three points while it is in its worst condition

 Whoever repeats the broken record that the league is still long and Barcelona will stumble. This is true, but the most important question is, is the riyal protected from stumbling in the future...! of course not …! Logically and mathematically, Barca is currently at the fore, and if Real Madrid stumbles, the path will falter. It is a proportion and proportionality between the two teams. Therefore, the word of the league is still long, it is a dwelling and not evidence of a return … because your fate now depends on the hands of Barcelona and its players and not in your hands

Marca opened fire on Karim Benzima, who is preparing his bags to leave for Qatar and is ready to play, so what do you want the rest of the players to offer in the remaining matches

 Ancelotti is officially bankrupt... A team plays in front of you fiercely and you left the first half with a convincing result... He comes after that in the second half and continues with the same bankruptcy... This indicates that the man is officially over and the days are enough to expel him from the small door

 Carvajal is brain dead this season, he does not provide any addition to the team, but was the reason for the loss without any sense of responsibility, unfortunately

 There is another unconvincing justification that some fans are talking about, which is that the administration did not sign a striker … Is this logical in anything … You do not need a super striker to beat Girona and Rayo Vallecano … Perhaps if you stumble against a big team, this will be justified, but unfortunately Real stumbled in front of small clubs

Once again, what decides the league is the victory over the small clubs and not the victory over the competitors... Barcelona has achieved the full score in front of the youngsters so far

Despite the technical and fitness misery that Hazard is going through, it is illogical for Mariano Diaz to participate at his expense as an alternative

Last but not least... Whoever sympathizes and fights in order to support a player like Karim and a coach like Ancelotti is a real destruction for any club... The sanctification of names is the real disaster... Karim, in short, was revealed to be a petty person, even if Real Madrid did not need you as a team leader to evade playing... This gives others the green light to evade, at least mentally... Karim sold the team and followed his interest, and if the riyal came out with a farce this season, this Frenchman will definitely be expelled with shoes, he and the bankrupt Italian who brought his son to study at Real Madrid

In conclusion, who committed the catastrophe in Madrid and the biggest colt was the one who allowed the French trifle to get away from the last rounds... Both of them sold the riyal, and if there was the slightest sense of responsibility from the team's management, both of them should be expelled at the end of the season... What happened inevitably and semi-officially will enter the club into its cycle Prolonged because continuing the champions will be almost impossible with those cows and the league is often in the wind


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