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Obesity and the main causes and solutions

 Obesity and the main causes and solutions

Obesity and the main causes and solutions

Exercise for obesity


Personal training is an excellent option for anyone, but especially for

someone who is obese and wants to lose weight and get healthy.

However, due to the intimidation factor at the gym, many overweight

people miss out on the opportunity to work out one-on-one with an

expert. One way to avoid crowds is to work privately with a personal

trainer. You can hire a trainer to come to your home or work with a

trainer at a personal training studio. 


Causes of obesity

Too many calories Consuming more calories than are burned through work,

exercise, and other activities lead to being overweight and obese. In the late

In the 1990s, Americans consumed about 340 more calories per day than in

the  mid-1980s and about 500 calories more than in the 1950s. 

The additional foods were often refined carbohydrates combined with fat - in

the unhealthiest cases, saturated fat.


Medical problems. Some people are obese because of biological problems, such as thyroid or pituitary gland malfunction. Others may have physical problems or disabilities that severely limit or prohibit exercise, strenuous work, and other physical activities.

Too much stress New research suggests that there is a biological link

between stress and the urge to eat. Comfort foods that are high in sugar, fat

and calories seem to calm the body's response to chronic stress. In addition,

hormones produced under stress promote the formation of fat cells. In

industrialized countries, life tends to be competitive, fast-paced, demanding

and stressful. There may be a link between so-called modern life and the

increase in overeating, overweight and obesity.


Is there a permanent solution to obesity?

Fortunately for all of us, yes, there is a permanent solution to obesity! This

permanent solution is known as gastric bypass surgery. This surgery must be

performed by a certified physician. Thousands of obese people have

permanently lost dozens of pounds using this foolproof method. We

recommend you find out more about gastric bypass surgery as a permanent

solution to obesity! It works.



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