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Luis Suarez bids farewell to Uruguay's Nacional in tears

 Luis Suarez bids farewell to Uruguay's Nacional in tears


Barcelona striker Luis Suarez bid farewell to his Uruguayan team, Nacional, before officially leaving the team

Luis Suarez moved to Uruguay's Nacional last summer, in a free transfer deal from Atletico Madrid

Luis Suarez led his Uruguayan team, Nacional, to win the Uruguayan Football League

Luis Suarez scored 8 goals and assisted 3 others in 16 matches he played with Nacional this season

In front of the crowd at the team stadium, Suarez gave a farewell speech before leaving the club, saying: “It is farewell, I will not play here again, but I will return to the club at some point, the time has come and above all I want to thank you for everything, as I said a while ago, I was coming back because of you, and because I wanted to go back

He added: “Each of you should still be proud that we are world class and that people are talking about what the Nacional fans have done, that is your merit

"I want to thank my teammates, I take everyone's memory with me and I want to thank these three wonderful beauties [his children] that my wife gave me, it's a dream come true to be a champion in the jersey I was born with," Suarez added

Luis Suarez confirmed earlier that he is looking forward to returning to Europe, but he is receiving great attention from American clubs, while he will focus in the coming period on playing the 2022 World Cup with Uruguay

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