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How to beat the silent sleep killer

 How to beat the silent sleep killer


Insomnia is a common problem among people around the world, with some figures saying that between 30 and 40% of adults in the United States find it difficult to sleep every night, all year round

Not all people who report sleep problems have insomnia, and sometimes, the biggest killer of sleep is your brain,” psychologist Eric Brother explained, “Put simply, rumination can cause sleep loss. for several hours

And he added, "Rumbling keeps your mind confused and disturbed, which makes it the number one sleep killer that people often suffer from, as they think about a stupid comment they made, an argument they got into or a mistake they were worried about... All these details completely lose the ability to fall asleep easily
And while there are plenty of ways and solutions to help you fall asleep quickly, Brother says that overcoming "the number one sleep killer should happen early in the day

"Dedicating just 15 minutes earlier in the day to think about the things that worry you may help you reduce rumination later in the evening," he explained

This 15 minutes is described as “emotional anxiety time,” and psychologist Brother says that “you must make sure that you are not distracted while doing this, as you must be careful to prepare a list of worrisome things and focus your thinking on them
He noted, "The idea may seem silly, but practicing it seriously can help you fall asleep quickly


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