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How do you secure your passwords

 How do you secure your passwords

Cybersecurity expert Jake Moore warned that weak passwords are often an easy way for hackers to gain access to accounts, and there are tools cybercriminals use to help them gain access, such as filling in password fields with commonly used words

Therefore, the password must be secured with some simple methods that we provide for you

 Be aware of all accounts that operate under your name

Experts recommend deleting unused accounts and knowing the exact number of active accounts. This way, you can prevent loopholes in your password management

 Make up long and unique passwords, and never reuse them

Complex combinations of numbers, uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and symbols make passwords stronger, but reusing them is never an option. If one account is hacked, other accounts are at risk

 Use a password manager

This technology solution fully encrypts stored passwords and allows for secure sharing, preventing many cyber security incidents from occurring due to simple human errors, where people leave their passwords open to others and store them in Excel or other unencrypted application


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