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Cristiano Ronaldo considers his future after leaving Manchester United 

Cristiano Ronaldo considers his future after leaving Manchester 

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo, the star of the Portuguese national team, sent a

message to his followers on his official pages on social networks.

Ronaldo posted on his Facebook account a picture of himself in the 

Portugal jersey and attached it to a comment in which he said: "We 

are about to start our campaign in the biggest tournament in the 

world." He added: "It's an adventure that we hope will be long and 

full of successes to keep the name and flag of our country every 


Ronaldo concluded, "We want all Portuguese fans to feel proud and 

happy. Nothing is impossible! Long live Portugal!" It is worth 

noting that the Portuguese national team will play in the World Cup 

in Qatar in a group with Uruguay, Ghana, and South Korea. 

Yesterday, Manchester United announced the amicable termination 

of Cristiano Ronaldo's contract after a crisis erupted between the 

two parties in recent days after he attacked the club's president, 

coach, and sports director in a fiery dialogue with Don.


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