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Barcelona does not want to see a "Pique replacement" at the Camp Nou

 Barcelona does not want to see a "Pique replacement" at the Camp Nou

Today, Friday, a press report revealed Barcelona's plan to compensate its Spanish defender, Gerard Pique, who announced his retirement from football

Pique announced the end of his football career with Barca and his retirement from football, as tomorrow's match against Almeria will be his last at the Camp Nou.

According to the Spanish newspaper "Sport", Barcelona is not considering cutting the loan of Frenchman Samuel Umtiti, loaned to Italian Lecce, despite his being a replacement for Pique in the defensive team's list

She added that the Blaugrana was clear about the future of Umtiti, as there is no intention within the Catalan team to see him inside the Camp Nou in the future

And she added: "The club's management wants to stay with 4 defenders until the end of the season, and it will not enter the transfer market unless there is a long loss for one of the players

And she concluded: "Inigo Martinez, Athletic Bilbao defender, is the club's preferred option to try to include him in the coming period

It is noteworthy that Umtiti left Barcelona during the last summer transfer period, to join Lecce for a season on loan


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