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A fiery confrontation for Real against Liverpool .. and Paris collides with Bayern Munich

 A fiery confrontation for Real against Liverpool .. and Paris collides with Bayern Munich

The draw for the Champions League final price, which was drawn today, Monday, in the Swiss city of Nyon, resulted in a fiery confrontation between Real Madrid and Liverpool, in a repeat of the final of last season's final, which Real won with a clean goal

The draw also resulted in another fiery confrontation, between Bayern Munich and Paris Saint-Germain, especially as the two teams present remarkable levels this season

The draw resulted in balanced confrontations between Milan and Tottenham, Borussia Dortmund against Chelsea, and Inter Milan with Porto, while the draw came within the reach of the Manchester City teams facing Leipzig, Napoli, which collides with Eintracht Frankfurt, and Benfica, which glows this season with Club Brugge

lottery result
Leipzig x Manchester City

Club Brugge x Benfica

Liverpool x Real Madrid

Milan x Tottenham

Eintracht Frankfurt x Naples

Borussia Dortmund x Chelsea

Inter Milan x Porto

Paris Saint-Germain x Bayern Munich

16 . round system

The round of 16 matches are played in two matches, home and away, where the leading team will play the second leg at their home

The legal goal system (the two-goal away goal rule) has been abolished since last season. If the home and away matches end in a tie in total, the two teams will go to extra games, regardless of the goals scored away from the ground

And if either of them fails to change the score during extra games, they will go to penalties to separate them

The dates of the round of 16 matches

UEFA has set the dates for the first-leg matches, for the first legs to be held on 14, 15, 21 and 22 February 2023

As for the return round, its matches will be held on 7, 8, 14 and 15 March 2023


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