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Types of vaping and its negative effects

 Types of vaping and its negative effects

Definition of vape

A vape, or as it is called an electronic cigarette, is an electronic device that acts as a vaporizer; This device works with a battery that is charged to heat the wick inside, which helps to heat the liquid inside and turn it into steam; It works on the principle of smoking tobacco or hookah, but without burning tobacco as the traditional methods are known. Smoking this vape produces very thick smoke, and the liquid used for smoking is available in many different flavors

Types of vape

Vaping has many different types, and is chosen according to each smoker and what he wants or is used to; It also has many different flavors; The types of vaping are

Small design vape

This type is similar in form to traditional cigarettes; They often contain an LED that illuminates when suctioning to give the feel of a traditional cigarette

Single use vape

It is also similar in appearance to traditional cigarettes, but this type cannot be refilled or charged again; It is used only once; It is suitable for those who want to try the vape only

Medium sized vape

Contains a medium sized tank case that is refilled and reused whenever empty; This type contains a battery that is recharged when in use

Adjustable Vibes (APVs OR Mods)

It is known as the advanced type of vape, and the battery and its tank case are sold separately, and this type can easily replace its heating coil when needed, and there are many types of vape mods, including

G-Priv honeycomb device: It has a power of up to 220 watts; It is characterized by an attractive design and a large tank size
Vape Mod G-Priv 2: It is easy to use, and its power is up to 230 watts

Alien electronic sweetener: It is characterized by its small size and elegant design, and its power reaches 220 watts

Vapresso Revenager Honey: Made of the best materials, its power reaches 220 watts, and it also contains very strong chips

Smok Alien: This vape has a distinctive design, light, and easy to use, and produces electrical power from 6 watts to 220 watts
Fabrico Swag electronic sweetener: This device has a square shape, and its power reaches 80 watts, and it is made of the best materials that prevent rust

The best type of vape

Vape Fabrico Revenger X

This type is classified among the list of the best type of vape because it is characterized by its manufacture of high quality materials, and one of the most important advantages of this vape is its ability to produce power up to 220 watts, and it contains an indicator that shows the degree of battery charge, and it also releases sprays of flavor up to 2.2 millimeter

Vape Fabrico

It has a distinctive design made of nickel and stainless steel, and operates at a power of up to 80 watts, and has a lower outlet for air flow, and it has a 0.2 inch OLED screen

vape smoke mag

Made of nickel, titanium and stainless steel, which helps protect against overheating and short circuit, and is available in many colors, and one of the most important advantages of the Vape Smoke Mag is the presence of a small OLED screen, and a small battery to provide the necessary power

Vape Aspire Gusto Mini

This vape may be the best for those who use the vape for the first time, due to the ability to withdraw smoke for ten seconds and then the vape to automatically shut off. The vape also contains a 900 mAh battery that provides 17 watts of power, and also contains a USB port. I charge two thousand from time to time

Vape A Terry Nugget X
This vape is characterized by its square shape, relatively large size, and its manufacture of stainless steel, and contains several buttons for different degrees of operation or flavors, and this vape contains a 2000 mAh battery that can be charged via a USB port, and it also contains an OLED screen the size of 0.96 inch approx

The best watt for electronic hookah

What is meant by watts is the amount of electrical energy that is generated through the battery of the vape device, and the estimate of the best watt for an electronic hookah is a relative matter due to the user of the vape himself. To clarify the matter better, the electronic hookah coil must be defined, which is a small piece made of some metals Strong stainless steel, such as kanthal, stainless steel, nickel or nichrome, and the coil is connected between the electronic hookah battery and the evaporator that contains the special flavor

The process of the best watt for an electronic hookah, as we mentioned previously, depends on the user’s taste. In the event that he wants to taste the flavor of the hookah well with not a large amount of smoke, in this case it is preferable to choose the 0.4 coil, which bears up to 25 watts, while in the case of the desire to obtain More smoke and a higher concentration of flavor Prefer to use 0.17 coil that can handle up to 80 watts

From the above, the user’s taste must be determined, and then choose the coil that matches the wattage that is capable of issuing this degree of concentration, taking into account the change of the coil if any of the following signs appear

The device issues a signal on its screen indicating that the coil needs to be changed
When using an electronic hookah and noticing an unacceptable burning taste
Note that there is an abnormal flavor leakage
Note that the color of the flavor changes quickly with little use

In general, it must be taken into account that the life span of the coil depends on the nature of use, which means that in some cases the use of the coil may continue for a period of more than two weeks, while in other cases, such as intensive use, the coil may need to be changed after a few days

The best kind of electronic honey

Electronic molasses is a substance that is added to the vape and is vaporized by some parts of the vape to mix with the smoke emanating from it and give the smoker the same feeling that he gets in the case of smoking a regular hookah. The electronic molasses is manufactured by mixing materials such as glycerin and propylene glycol with some natural fruit flavors such as apples, cherries, watermelon or lemons

Fabrico Revenger X Honeycomb
Electronic Vape Honey Fabrico Swag
Smok Nord honeyed
Aero Cut Honey
Vape Estic Prince Honey
vape smoke mag honey

Although many assert that electronic molasses may be less harmful than regular cigarettes or cigarettes due to the fact that it does not contain some harmful ingredients such as tobacco that contains nicotine, which causes an individual to become addicted to smoking, this does not mean that electronic molasses It has no harm, as among the most important harms of electronic honeycomb are the following

Due to the availability of electronic molasses in many flavors with good taste, this has resulted in the spread of the smoking habit among a group of younger youth

Although electronic molasses does not cause the same harms as regular smoking, but at the same time it is very dangerous, especially on the lungs, due to the presence of thick smoke that is drawn inside the body

Electronic molasses cause the same harms as regular molasses, such as heart and lung diseases, and in some cases may cause men to become sterile

The electronic molasses may be manufactured from some materials of unknown origin, which makes it more dangerous to the health of the smoker

vape prices

The price of the vape depends on many factors, the most important of which are the type of vape, the materials from which it was made, and whether it is possible to use it more than once or only once. The most popular types of vaping and their prices are

One time use vape

It is a small vape and takes a design similar to a regular cigarette. The vapor is produced by suction. One of the most important specifications of this type is that it cannot be recharged, as it is disposed of directly after use. The types of this vape include

Vape Jsl: It contains a 200 mAh battery, and a 3 mm flavor tank, and the price of this type is about $4.
HT 50w Vape: It contains a 2200 mAh battery, and its price is about $ 5
E Pipe Ciga Vape: The price of this type of vape is about six dollars

Vibe use many times

This vape takes a different design from the previous type, as it is characterized by a relatively large size in order to accommodate the special battery, flavor tank and coil. This type is characterized by the ability to refill it with flavor and charge its battery to be used many times. The most famous types of this vape include

Vape Fabrico Jane: It works with rechargeable batteries many times, and the price of this vape is about $130
VIP Drag Platinum Edition: Its price is approximately $130
Vape Revenger Kit: It has an attractive design and an elegant black color, and it works with rechargeable batteries, and the price of this vape is about $120
Vape Swag: This vape costs about $80
Vape Prince: This vape is available for $65
Vibe-Estic Pico: This one costs around $110

Vape damages

Although there are many news and statistics that show that e-cigarettes or vapes help many smokers to quit smoking; However, this device contains many chemicals, including nicotine, but in smaller quantities than those found in cigarettes and hookah (traditional hookah), and these chemicals cause some damage to the body when used in the long term, and these damages include

slow heart rate: vaping affects the heart rate; It causes a slow

heartbeat; Thus, it affects the heart and blood vessels

Cytotoxicity: The flavors used in vaping cause cytotoxicity in the body, and this is by stimulating the inflammatory response in the cells; This increases the rate of cell infections and tissue damage

Nicotine addiction: makes the individual unable to stop using it on an excessive daily basis, and this is to compensate for the body's need for nicotine

Effect on the respiratory system: Vaping and other smoking methods affect the respiratory system in a negative way; This affects breathing and the lungs, and this is because vape contains glycerol and propylene glycol

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