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The process of liberating the songbird .. Details of the first 24 hour mask guillotine

 The process of liberating the songbird .. Details of the first 24 hour mask guillotine

The "controversial" American billionaire, Elon Musk, began his campaign by making radical changes to the giant social networking site "Twitter", hours after its official acquisition of the site

Musk's first statements after his acquisition of Twitter were, "The bird has been set free," in reference to the bird that represents the platform's logo. Many considered it evidence of the American billionaire's desire to reduce restrictions on the content that can be published

What did Musk do in the past few hours after the start of his tenure as CEO and owner of Twitter

He said he plans to cut many jobs, leaving Twitter's 7,500 employees worried about their future
In a Blind poll of Twitter employees about whether they thought they would keep their jobs at the company after 3 months, only 10 percent answered yes

Before concluding the deal, Musk entered Twitter headquarters on Wednesday with a big smile holding a porcelain sink, then tweeted, Get used to it

He changed his Twitter profile description to "Chief Twit" or Tweeter Manager

Musk has fired Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal

Musk has fired Twitter's chief financial officer, Ned Segal

Musk has fired Twitter's chief legal and policy officer, Vijaya Jade

Musk accused them of misleading Twitter investors about the number of fake accounts on the platform

Sources confirmed that Agrawal and Segal were at Twitter's San Francisco headquarters when the deal was closed, and they were kicked out with security personnel


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