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It is getting better over time.. Details of Shakira's health condition after separating from Pique

 It is getting better over time.. Details of Shakira's health condition after separating from Pique

Mubarak confirmed that the decision to separate was not easy for her sister, especially after many years of relationship and the presence of two children

The sister of the Colombian singer added, in statements, that Shakira is improving day by day

Mubarak stated that her sister was visiting her father to check on him after a violent fall that necessitated his transfer to the hospital

And she continued, that the decision to separate came with an agreement between the two parties, where the two found the best solution, explaining that they agreed on a continuous understanding for the sake of the two children

Pique and Shakira officially announce their separation

And Spanish defender Gerard Pique, the Barcelona star, announced in a joint statement, with his wife, the famous singer Shakira, on Saturday, the separation from each other, officially

The text of the statement, "Pique" and "Shakira": "We regret to confirm that we are separating, we hope that privacy is respected, please for the sake of our children, and thank you to everyone

Shakira decided to separate from "Pique", because of his betrayal of her

That Shakira realized that Pique had betrayed her again, and caught him cheating on her herself, and that this was the reason why they had not appeared together since last March at any public event or on social networking sites

"Marca" said, "Pique" was seen by his neighbors entering the old house and leaving it alone, and he was also observed living in a noisy atmosphere with Barcelona player "Ricky Puig", and a group of friends

Pique, who is more than 10 years younger than Shakira, has long been accustomed to being outside the house and away from their two children, and staying up late at noisy parties with women in nightclubs

Shakira discovered the betrayal of "Pique" herself, as she expressed this in the words of her last song "Te Felicity" or "Congratulations", in which she said: "They warned me but I did not pay attention, I realized that you are the wrong part, do not tell me." You're sorry, I know you well and I know you're lying

Shakira recently avoided adding any joint photos of her with Pique on their social media platforms, especially after she caught him with another woman, at a time when she was angry because of the latter's noisy celebrations after Barcelona achieved any victory, and attended her number of girls.

A number of press reports claimed that the woman involved with “Pique” was the mother of “Javi”, his 17-year-old colleague in Barcelona, ​​while other reports indicated that the woman with whom “Pique” entered into a relationship is in her twenties and is blonde, and this excludes the mother of The black "Jaffe" is completely out of the accounts

Shakira was seen being taken from her home by an ambulance to a nearby hospital after returning from the Cannes Film Festival last Saturday and discovering the betrayal of "Pique", according to what the Spanish magazine "Hola" specialized in celebrity news claimed
According to eyewitnesses to the magazine, Shakira was in the ambulance very tense, unable to stop crying, while Pique was seen accompanying her on her way to the hospital and showed signs of anxiety

It is noteworthy that Shakira and Pique's relationship began after the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, during which Shakira presented the official song for the tournament


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