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How to maintain the agility and consistency of the body

 How to maintain the agility and consistency of the body

Trainer Tanneberg revealed that the correct nutrition allows maintaining muscles even after the age of forty, where Dr. trained Dr. Math Taneberg pointed out that maintaining muscle tension after the age of forty is possible by following the principles of correct nutrition

The trainer said: "The body must get the necessary calories and proteins regularly during the day before and after exercising, and the growth of muscle mass is directly related to nutrition, so it becomes difficult to grow if the body does not get the necessary materials for that

According to him, a sufficient amount of food must be eaten to enhance the intensity of muscle mass, as he said: "Although protein is a "building material" for muscles, their ideal growth becomes possible when a balanced diet contains the necessary amount of fats and carbohydrates

Nutrition expert Elizabeth Ward adds, in addition, each meal should contain proteins, as the daily amount needed by the body is 1.2-1.6 grams per kilogram of weight

And she added, "Eggs, beef, poultry, seafood, milk and yogurt are good sources of proteins, and plant foods contain proteins such as soybeans and products such as tofu and milk, as well as quinoa grains and nuts

Moreover, some fruits, vegetables and dairy products contribute to strengthening the muscle structure, because they contain the necessary amount of carbohydrates, the lack of which leads to a reduction in muscle size

And Tanneberg concluded, "The time of eating plays a big role, as it is necessary to eat an hour before exercising, which helps the body get the energy needed for training, and after 15-30 minutes of training it is necessary to drink chocolate milk because it contains the right amount. Of fats, proteins and carbohydrates


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