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Before the Kherson fight, Russia completes its civilian withdrawal

 Before the Kherson fight, Russia completes its civilian withdrawal

In advance of an anticipated conflict with Ukrainian forces, Russian officials claim they have finished a plan to evacuate inhabitants from the southern city of Kherson

In what Ukraine has referred to as forced deportations, at least 70,000 citizens are believed to have crossed the Dnipro river

Alexander Khodakovsky, the leader of the Russian militia, stated, We're preparing Kherson for defense

We're eliminating the civilian population, which in some ways frees us up

Despite not having complete control over any of them, Vladimir Putin seized four regions of Ukraine last month, including the southern Kherson region of Ukraine

Shortly after Russia invaded in February of last year, Kherson city was taken, but in recent weeks Ukrainian forces have progressively taken back area on the west or right bank of the Dnipro. According to Ukrainian officials, the distance between the city and the front line is 30 kilometers (18 miles)

There will soon be an attack on the regional capital, according to newly installed Russian officials. However, Oleksii Reznikov, Ukraine's defense minister, described the counteroffensive as extremely challenging due to the challenging terrain and wet weather, which make it more difficult to employ war equipment with wheels

Sergei Aksyonov, the man Russia's occupying forces appointed in occupied Crimea, uploaded images of the Dnipro bank on Thursday night while visiting Sergei Kiriyenko, a prominent Kremlin official

He declared, "The job on organizing the evacuation of residents has been finished. Authorities in charge of the occupation claim they have been relocated to "safe regions of Russia," which, according to reports, also include Russia itself and other territories of Ukraine under Russian control

A war crime is regarded to be the expulsion or transfer of people by an occupying power inside or outside the conquered region

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Many people had stayed, a different officer hired by Russia acknowledged. Russian-installed Kherson governor Vladimir Saldo estimated that 150–170,000 people still lived in and around the city on the Dnipro River's right bank. There were about 300,000 people living in the city alone before the conflict

Last week, a local informed the TETO1.ONLINE that nobody was leaving and that Russian soldiers were concerned about how they would live in Kherson

Ramzan Kadyrov, the leader of Chechnya, one of the war's staunchest supporters, said that a Chechen unit had suffered "major losses" in the area this week. He claimed that a Ukrainian artillery strike had resulted in the deaths of 23 fighters and the wounding of 58 more, but then he claimed that his forces had also killed

wounded in a Ukrainian artillery bombardment, but continued to assert that Serhiy Khlan, the regional commander of Ukraine in Kherson, had stated that Kadyrov's men were being replaced by soldiers who had just been mobilized as part of President Putin's campaign across Russia. He claimed that minefields were being dug up near the regional capital, and the new recruits were now serving as Russia's first line of defense

Ukrainian officials claim that Russia has relocated its occupying force to the town of Henichesk, about 200 kilometers to the southeast, prior to any combat for Kherson City

The Russians were attempting to hold on to the right bank of the Dnipro, but Ukrainian military spokeswoman Natalya Humenyuk said that the fact that they were also preparing to defend the opposite bank was a "telling sign they understand. the real situation - that they are unlikely to hold on to the right bank


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