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100 million outdated Covid jab doses are destroyed by an Indian vaccination manufacturer

 100 million outdated Covid jab doses are destroyed by an Indian vaccination manufacturer

The Covid-19 vaccine manufactured by Serum Institute of India (SII) in India had to be disposed of after 100 million doses had been produced

According to CEO Adar Poonawalla, the company ceased manufacturing Covishield in December of last year due to low demand

The Vaxzevria vaccine from AstraZeneca has been produced locally by SII, the biggest vaccine manufacturer in the world

In India, Covishield makes up more than 90% of all dosages

Over two billion doses of the Covid-19 vaccination have been given out in India. According to the federal health ministry, more than 70% of Indians have ingested at least two doses

India started providing boosters in January 2022 to frontline healthcare personnel, those over 60, and people with comorbid conditions. Later, it was made available to all adults

To commemorate 75 years of India's independence, free booster doses, or precaution doses as the government refers to them, were given to all adults in July for a period of 75 days

According to the health ministry, India has only given out 298 million booster doses thus far

As people seem to be tired of Covid, there is little need for booster shots, Mr. Poonawala told reporters on Thursday. "Actually, I'm also tired of it. We are all

The SII reportedly had about 100 million doses of Covishield in stock, according to Mr. Poonawala. The vaccines' nine-month shelf life expired in September of this year
The CEO was addressing outside the Developing Countries Vaccine Manufacturers Network (DCVMN) annual general meeting in Pune, western India

In the future, patients may receive a Covid vaccination in addition to their annual flu shot, according to Mr. Poonawala. But unlike the West, India does not have a culture that values yearly flu shots

Mr. Poonawala added that the Covid vaccination Covovax as a booster dose had successfully completed SII trials. Within the next two weeks, according to the company, the vaccine should receive approval

According to him, it has also collaborated on an Omicron-specific booster with the US biotech firm Novavax


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